Ramen Quest: Bassanova Ramen

Bassanova Ramen
76 Mott Street New York, NY 10013

For months I've been wanting to try out Bassanova Ramen and see what the hype was about. On a chilly Friday evening, Will finally took me here for dinner. I was very surprised that there was no line out the door like Ippudo and because it wasn't crowded when we arrived, we were seated in seconds.

Their menu is the smallest menu I have ever seen. For some people this is a negative and for some people this is a positive. I think it's great because in most restaurants I have been to, you just flip through pages and pictures and it can get confusing and hectic because you're struggling with what to order.

At Bassnova ramen, you won't have that problem. I love their idea of simplicity because the decor is simple and white, their menu is very simple and straightforward. Oh yes... I love their giant size spoons and chopsticks.

Moving along to the real reason why we came here:

Green curry ramen
Will is brave when it comes to trying spicy foods. He has a high tolerance for it, more than me. I have a low tolerance and plus I have found myself getting allergic reactions whenever I eat anything that is spicy.

Will tried the green curry ramen. It was a little too spicy for him so he asked for a bowl of coconut milk on the side to reduce the spicyness. It helped somewhat. I tried a bit of the green curry ramen without the coconut milk and I wasn't very enthusiastic about it.

Tonkadu Ramen
I had the Tonkadu Ramen which is basically Berkshire pork tonkatsu, topped with pork loin cha shu, kikurage, ginger, crushed sesame, nori, and scallions. I must admit that when the Tonkadu ramen arrived to our table, I thought it was one of the most beautiful bowl of ramen I've seen. Everything looked well balance and so inviting!

I really liked the broth. I felt the broth was flavored just right and thick which I really liked. The ramen itself, the noodles were thin like angel hair pasta. As for the pork loin, it was slightly grilled and there's a slight char-ness to it. It was very moist and tender.

I enjoyed the Tonkadu ramen so much that I finished every bite and left nothing, but a small portion of broth. This was no joke.

Will and I inquired about the ramen burger since we didn't try it, but the waitress said she doesn't know if it will ever be on their menu. Boo...

I really enjoyed the ramen here, well at least I enjoyed mine and I like the simplicity here. Would I return? Possibly, but not any time soon as per the pricing is just a little steeper than some of the ramen shops I have been to. I'll definitely be back if they expand their menu. If you haven't tried Bassanova yet, give it a shot at least once and see if you like it.

Service: 4/5
Atmosphere: 5/5
Taste: 4/5
Likelihood to return: 75%


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