Munchies Cafe - Enjoying dessert on these chilly days

Munchies Cafe
12 Bay 25th Street Brooklyn, NY 11214

Munchies Cafe is a nice and sweet addition to Brooklyn. I came here a lot with Will during the Spring, but didn't so much in the Summer. We've recently stopped by Munchies this past month for desserts again.

This little cafe is really bright and what sets it apart from other Chinese dessert places is that they have touch screen computer monitors. Each table of 4 has a computer monitor that is connected to the internet and you can use it like a regular laptop/computer, watch anything you want do whatever you want.

Their menu is pretty big, but they have made changes over the past month or so. Their menu ranges from desserts, to drinks, and savory foods.

On our most recent visit, this is what we've tried:

Papaya Sago with Grass Jelly 
During a visit at Munchies Cafe with my sisters and Will, I ordered the Papaya Sago with Grass Jelly ($5.50).  I like how they pureed the papaya and made it into a papaya broth. I like that there's chunks of watermelon, papaya, and grass jelly. In addition, there's sago floating in the broth too.

Mix Fruit with Coconut Sago
Will ordered the Mix Fruit with Coconut Sago ($4.75). This is slightly different from the Papaya Sago with Grass Jelly because it's coconut based. I tried this and it's good, but I like the papaya better.

Later that week, we had All-You-Can-Eat sushi with Will's friends and after dinner we all still had room in our stomach for dessert. Will and I brought our friends to Munchies.

Mario Brothers 
A lot of our friends saw this on Yelp and it looked really good to them so a majority of them ordered this dessert - Mario Brothers Snowy Mix Fruit.

For this item, you are allowed to choose two ice cream flavors and a fruit. Will chose vanilla ice cream and green tea ice cream and as his fruit was strawberry. The sweet soup was coconut flavored. This dessert was creamy and definitely filling for Will. I think next time I'll try the Mario Brothers.

Mix Fruit with Grass Jelly
I ordered the Mix Fruit with Grass Jelly ($4.75). I should warn you that I am a huge fan of grass jelly and plus it's healthier (according to my mom). I love this dessert, fresh fruits and grass jelly with a little coconut milk. Extra yummy! And the colors are so vibrant and inviting.

I haven't tried any of the savory items on their menu yet. I usually come here for desserts. There's a lot of Asian/Chinese dessert shops popping up in my neighborhood, Chinatown, and even Queens, but I must admit, so far Munchies Cafe has been my favorite and go-to-place for dessert.


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