International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show - November 2013

For the past two or three years, my boyfriend and I have attended the International Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Show at the Jacob Javits Center. It takes place once a year, every November.

The show is geared towards students and professionals in the Hospitality industry. Although, I know I won't be working in the hospitality industry in the future, I still like to attend this event because they have some pretty great exhibits. 

There are a lot of high-end companies that shows off their hottest and latest products as well. One of the main reasons why I love attending is to see the culinary salon, where different colleges compete against each other. 

Can you believe these were made by students and professors? I can't. These look like they should be on the Food Network, don't you think? This is not all...

And there's more. Some of these pieces are just really takes your breath away. Absolutely stunning!

Oh My God! It's UP and Wall-E! Aren't they just beautiful and adorable? 

Us & The Cake Boss
Yep! We got a photo with The Cake Boss! I received an e-mail update from IHMRS just two days before the event and noticed that Buddy will be making a guest appearance at the show at 11AM. Will and I spent 10-15 minutes walking around in circles trying to find Buddy or at least the crowd that was screaming for him. We finally found him and had to line up to take a photo with him. I will forever remember this moment!

All in all, this was a fun event. It wasn't as fun the first two times I attended, but at least Will and I got to take a photo and meet a celebrity chef.

If you would like more information on this event, please click here


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