Brunch with Jane

100 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10012

Late last month, one of our good friends Sam invited my boyfriend and I to a surprise birthday brunch for her boyfriend. It was an early Sunday afternoon and luckily Sam made advanced reservations otherwise we would be sitting and waiting for an hour and a half, or more.

The interesting thing is that Jane has been one of the restaurants I've really been dying to visit especially to try their Eggs Benedict.

The decor at Jane is unlike any other brunch spot I've been to. The decor is trendy, but also modern. There's two floors of seating and both floors are spacious and cozy.

We all got our own entrees and if you order your entree from a certain section, you get a complimentary cocktail.

White Peach Bellini
I decided to order the White Peach Bellini which was light, refreshing, a little bubbly from the sparkling wine. I enjoyed it very much.

Benedict Jane
Will ordered the Benedict Jane ($17). The Benedict Jane was really just poached eggs, crab and crawfish cakes, spinach, and tarragon Hollandaise sauce. It was such a beautiful dish!

Will gave me one of his eggs Benedict. I really enjoyed the meatiness of the crab and crawfish cake, very different, but tasty! The eggs Benedict was cooked just perfectly.

Benedict Johnny
I ordered the Benedict Johnny ($16) which consisted of poached eggs, maple chicken sausage, corn pancakes, and roasted tomato hollandaise sauce. It's similar to Benedict Jane.I really liked the home fries because they were crispy and crunchy and was possibly the best home fries I've had.

One of the things I love the most about eggs Benedict is the yolk oozing out and runny yolk. It's like magic. The eggs Benedict was cooked just right. The maple chicken sausage was yummy, but wasn't a fan of the corn pancakes.

Pumpkin Chair Profiteroles & Seven Layer Chocolate Cake
I can't believe we had room for dessert. Sam ordered the Pumpkin Chai Profiteroles ($8) which was seriously pumpkin heaven! There was pumpkin ice cream, candied pumpkin seeds, pumpkin paper, and chai sauce. I really liked this dessert because you can taste pumpkin in different textures, shapes, and sizes. My favorite was the pumpkin ice cream - seriously delicious!

The next dessert was the Seven Layer Chocolate Cake ($8). Absolutely Chocolate heaven! The seven layer chocolate cake consists of chantilly cream, whipped gananche, and a chocolate sauce. This was amazing. It was moist, chocolatey, creamy, and just... it'll take your breath away!

Our friend Alex (the birthday boy) was completely taken by surprise with this brunch. We successfully surprised him and he enjoyed the brunch very much.

I really enjoyed our brunch at Jane. The staff were very friendly and nice. The food was beyond perfection. I would love to come back here in the near future.


  1. I really like your blog just wanna thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you Joanne! Hope your Thanksgiving was great!


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