Weekday Lunch & Bubble Tea: Infinitea Cafe

Infinitea Cafe
150 Lawrence Street Brooklyn, NY 11201

A bubble tea shop finally opened near my office! This bubble tea shop is new, very spacious, and clean.

There's a variety of bubble tea, drinks, and toppings for you to choose from. There's also cooked food to order and I have tried two of their food items and drinks. So far I have had the following:

Red Bean Ice
This was the first bubble tea/drink I've had from Infinitea Cafe. I wasn't too thrilled with the red bean ice because the beans were crushed and it tasted powder-like, but also like real red bean flavor too. I probably won't order this again since it didn't appeal to me.

Classic Banh Mi Sandwich 
I decided to try their Banh Mi sandwiches and it was very filling, but the ingredients that was used is a little different from the typical ingredients used in Banh Mi's.The Banh mi didn't have the grounded pork. There wasn't enough meat in the sandwich. I wasn't very pleased with the quality of the sandwich.

Jasmine Green Milk Tea with Herb Jelly
I've had this in Philadelphia once and fell deeply in love with it except I had it with tapioca. The jasmine green milk tea with herb jelly was great! It really tasted like jasmine and loved the herb jelly, but I wish they gave me more of it.

Grilled Chicken over Rice
I've had the grilled chicken over rice during my second visit and wasn't too pleased with it. The grilled chicken was seasoned just right, but felt so dry and there was no moisture or sauce either. Everything else was good. I was a little disappointed with this.

I haven't been back to Infinitea for two weeks or so. I don't think I'll be ordering their food items again. I am excited to try their other bubble tea/drinks.

Note: Cash only!


  1. I've had red bean shake tapioca before, and it was awfully sweet! I threw out half of it because I was so sick of it


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