Sweet Eats: Yat Yat Sweet

Yat Yat Sweet
1926 Bath Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11214

After eating dinner with Will and friends at Dinosaur BBQ, we were craving for some Asian desserts so we decided to go to Yat Yat Sweet.

Yat Yat Sweet is different from other dessert locations, because they serve desserts that are unlike other dessert shops. It's also  nice, fun, and cozy hang out spot with a few tables where you could sit and enjoy your desserts.

Mixed Jelly Sago Sago
I wanted the Herb Grass Jelly with coconut milk, but they were out of stock. So, I ordered the Mixed Jelly Sago Sago ($4.00) instead. I like that Yat Yat Sweet serves their desserts (hot or cold) in Styrofoam containers because you can enjoy it in the cold weather outside without worrying about your hands freezing.

I really enjoyed my dessert. I love the softness of the jelly and sago. The dessert was flavored with coconut milk. i don't like desserts that are overly sweet and I am happy to say that the dessert I had wasn't too sweet. The amount of coconut milk was just right, you can still taste the sweetness and flavors from the mixed fruit jelly.

Tapi Coco Sago Sago
Will initially wanted a different dessert, but they didn't have it in stock either. So, he ordered the Tapi Coco Sago Sago ($3.50). It's similar to mine in flavor and texture except for the Tapi Coco which is similar to aloe.

There have been a lot of Asian/Hong Kong style dessert shops popping up in my neighborhood, but I must say Yat Yat Sweet has recently became one of my favorites especially since I have been twice here this month. I haven't tried their tong sui yet, but I am dying to try it - maybe when it's a lot cooler outside.


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