Sunday Lunch at Hand Pull Noodle and Dumpling House

Hand Pull Noodle and Dumpling House
7201 18th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11204

Will and I have passed by this restaurant day in and day out since he lives around the neighborhood, but we never tried it out. After a session at the gym, we decided to try out the Hand Pull Noodle and Dumpling House.

It's not the fanciest nor the prettiest or biggest restaurant. There's not a lot of seating and the seating isn't in the best condition, but you can still sit down and grab a quick bite. The pricing here is cheap and affordable. They don't require tips even though they do bring your food to you if you eat there.The kitchen is small and if you want to use the restroom, you have to walk through the kitchen.
House Special Soup
Will ordered the House Special Soup ($6.75). It was a humongous bowl of noodles and there were pieces of beef, beef tripe, beef tendon, pork chop, and egg). I tried some of the house special soup and wasn't a fan of it. It had an odd taste to it.

Shredded Beef with Pan-Fried Hand Pull Noodles
I decided to get the Shredded Beef with Pan-Fried Hand Pull Noodles. I liked my dish and they sure gave a lot of noodles. I didn't like that the scallions were cut so big and surely, there was a lot of MSG in it because I was seriously thirsty afterwards.

Fried Dumplings
I read on Yelp that these fried dumplings were juicy and delicious so we gave a it a shot. They were definitely juicy and delicious and very meaty inside. The dumplings were slightly crispy and crunchy. This was pretty good for $4.50.

Meaty Goodness
Scallion Pancake with Beef
The Scallion Pancake with Beef was another food I saw on Yelp reviews that sounded and looked great so without any doubts, we gave this a shot too. It was only $2.95, very cheap. There are six pieces together, but Will accidentally took one before I took a photo. How nice.

Any way, the Scallion Pancake with Beef was different, but in a good way. It had a little sweetness in the pancake and it tasted a lot like Hoisin sauce. I liked this appetizer, but it didn't wow me too much.

This little hand pull noodle and dumpling restaurant is a great spot to stop by for a cheap and quick lunch. I think next time Will and I come here, we probably will do take-out instead of eating in the restaurant. I am awaiting to try one of the more famous hand pull noodle shops known as: Tasty Hand-Pulled Noodles restaurant in Chinatown.


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