October 9th is National Dessert Day!

Happy National Dessert Day to our fellow foodies and everyone else! 

Will and I have a special post for tonight. Tonight, I am going to reveal to you the top five desserts that I love. I lowered it to top five because there's just a lot of desserts I like and I could go on and on.

I didn't get a chance to ask Will what was his, but I could tell you from what I know already, but that would also be a long list. So, here it goes:

Matcha Ice Cream with white rice balls, red beans, and wafer

You may have saw a review or picture of this in a previous post: Food Event: Japanese Gourmet Fair. This has so far been the best matcha ice cream I've had so far. I've had green tea/matcha ice cream in other restaurants and none compare to as great as the one I've had at Mitsuwa. Sometimes I dream about it too.

Dao Fu Fa
This has truly been an all time favorite of mine! I can only get a hold of it when I'm at dim sum with my family or friends, but it's only available at selective Chinese restaurants. There's only two restaurants I know so far that has it and one of them happens to be a restaurant my family and I like to go dim sum at in Chinatown.  

First off, I love tofu and having it hot in a sweet broth is amazing! It's absolute comfort food! I really enjoy eating this. It can actually be eaten cold or hot, but it just tastes better when it's hot/warm. 

Taro, Sweet Potato and Sago with Coconut Milk
I absolutely love this dessert. It's a sweet soup actually and it can be drank hot or cold and I love both. I love the way my mom makes it because it's not overly sweet and this is the real stuff! A lot of Asian/Chinese dessert shops started making this dessert soup too, but it's just not as tasty as the one from home. It doesn't have that homey feeling.

Ice Cream/Gelato
I used to not eat ice cream as much and only ate it whenever I was depressed, but now I just eat it whenever I crave for it especially during the Summer. I love ice cream and gelato, but I probably love gelato more. My favorite flavors so far are: coconut, earl grey, strawberry, and tiramisu. I'm really looking forward to trying more flavors.

Red Bean Soup
Image Credit: Google

Last, but not least - red bean soup is my ultimate favorite dessert! Every time I'm out with family or friends for Chinese food at a dinner -- I always, always look forward to red bean soup. I can eat bowls of these and be so happy. It's hot, warm, comforting, tasty, and just really good! I mean, you're going to have to try it to know what I'm trying to convey to you. I like red bean soup with a dash of coconut milk and sago.

Now that I've shared with you my favorite desserts, what are yours?


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