Lady M's Green Tea Mille Crepes

Lady M Cake Boutique
41 E 78th St New YorkNY 10021
(212) 452-2222
Green Tea Milles Crepe 
Last week, my sister went to Lady M's and brought home a few slices of cake from Lady M's. She saved me a slice. I have been waiting a long time to visit their shop and try their cake

 I tried the Green Tea Milles Crepe slice and it was amazing! Each layer is filled with green tea deliciousness You can really feel the crepes in each bite. The top layer of the cake had green tea powder and had a little bitterness to it. 

I am looking forward to try a few of other Lady M's items and visiting their shop. Someday... I will go.


  1. That looks delicious! I wonder if there is any bakery near me that serves this. Or maybe even try making it myself ;-)

    1. Thanks! You can always do a search on Yelp to see if there's any bakery similar in your area :)


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