Cutting Board - A Special Gem in Chinatown

Cutting Board 
53 Bayard St New YorkNY 10013

I have been to Cutting Board exactly three times this year and it never fails to disappoint. 

During my last visit, I came here with Will for dinner since I had a deep craving for spaghetti/pasta, but with a fusion. 

It's very spacious inside and they have a nice array of menu items ( lobster bisque *I highly recommend* , fried crispy calamari, udon, pasta, creamy rice, bubble tea, and a lot more). There's a lot to choose from and the best part is that it's really cheap. 

Soup of the day - New England Clam Chowder
There isn't a variety of soups at Cutting Board. I've tried the lobster bisque before and trust me when I say: it was insanely good! You just have to get it when you try Cutting Board. 

Any way, I decided to venture in trying the Soup of the day ($3.00). The Soup of the day was - New England Clam Chowder. It looked stunning! It was super creamy and there was a good amount of clam meat in the soup. Garlic stick was crunchy and tasty. I wished they gave me an extra garlic stick.

Fried Calamari
Will and I are fried calamari fanatics! The fried calamari ($6.05) at Cutting Board is packed with delicious seasoning and served with three dipping sauces (curry capers aioli, creamy spicy mayo, and marinara). I like the curry capers aioli the most because it's different and great.

Sweet Potato Waffle Fries
I've had these sweet potato waffle fries ($4.00) once before and I absolutely loved them. They look a lot like chips and the way they're cut is different. The sweet potato waffle fries were great. A small plate of ketchup is accompanied with the sweet potato fries. There's just one touch missing from the sweet potato fries. A hint of cinnamon would make a huge difference.

Seafood Udon
Will absolutely loves udon noodle soup and he decided to give Cutting Board's udon a shot. He ordered the seafood udon ($8.00). The seafood udon included: lobster, clam, shrimp, calamari with vegetable in a dashi broth. I love the bowl that had the seafood udon in it. Super cute.

The seafood udon was tasty and just the right amount of salt and I was amazed at the variety of seafood there was at such a cheap price.

Pancetta & Cream
This is Cutting Board's version of pancetta and cream ($6.00). I've had this dish once before and liked it. I love how the poached egg was a little runny inside.  It wasn't too creamy. I really like this dish because there's just a nice rich and creaminess to it.

Each time I have been to Cutting Board, I have never had a bad experience and the food is just phenomenal.


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