The Perfect Pick During The Heatwave

Redang Island
5112 8th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11220

After a long ride back from Philadelphia, visiting the newest addition  (Baby nephew: Jacques Li) to Will's family, and suffering from the insanely hot weather -- we decided to try out Redang Island and it was a great pick! I've been to Redang a few years back, but do not remember what I had.

Very cozy atmosphere with light Chinese music in the background. Full blast air conditioning. Staff was friendly and food was just fantastic!

Soy Milk with Grass Jelly
I got a soy bean with grass jelly ($2.95).  This is one of all time favorite drinks! The grass jelly was in tiny pieces. I prefer mine in bigger chunks. It was just the right amount of sweetness, nice and cool.

Roti Canai
Roti Canai ($2.95) is always a must have whenever Will and I eat Malaysian food and plus it's a Malaysian all-time favorite. The crispy style pancake tasted differently compared to the ones I've had at Nyonya. It's fluffy and airy. The curry chicken & potato dipping sauce had a nice kick to it.

Haianese Chicken
Will always orders this dish at any and every Malaysian restaurant. We got a half chicken ($8.75) with extra soy sauce. The Haianese Chicken was scrumptious! The meat was moist and tender. We couldn't finish the half chicken, so we brought some home.

Sarang Burong
My favorite dish to order is Sarang Burong ($11.95). It's a deep fried taro bowl filled with baby corn, mushroom, shrimp, snow peas, peanuts, button mushrooms, pepper, onions, and of course chicken. I really love the different textures and taste of the food combined together. A little expensive, but very tasty!

Chicken Broth Rice
Since we had two entrees, we also got two bowls of chicken broth rice ($1.95) for large size. The rice was cooked just right and tasted a lot like chicken broth. I am always curious as to how do they make chicken broth rice.

We had a great experience at Redang Island and so glad everything tipped in our favors since it was blazing hot outside and we were hungry. I am definitely going to come back here because I really enjoyed the laid back atmosphere and the food. Redang Island was the right pick!


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