Our Little Adventure in Philadelphia - Day 1 of 3

We're going to shift gears today folks. This post and the next two posts will be about our little adventure in Philadelphia from July 5th - July 7th.

So glad that Will and I had a three day weekend so we made plans for a little adventure in Philadelphia. On Friday morning, we drove and made our way to Philadelphia. We were stuck in traffic in Staten Island for a while (no secret there) and I got bored, so this was what I ended up doing this:

Yep - taking dorky photos of myself and Will while we were stuck in traffic. It was about an hour and a half drive to our first stop - our hotel. By the time we arrived at our hotel is around 12:30-1PM and we were starving, so first stop was the Reading Terminal Market.

I've heard a lot of great things about the Reading Terminal Market and that it's basically a Foodie Central. So many shops condensced into one block and there's different foods to choose from. From fresh produce to seafood to meats to sandwiches to sushi to sweets and a lot more. You have choices of Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Cajun, and a lot more. Everything is fresh and the foods are cooked on the spot.

After walking around, we finally settled on a place to eat - Beck's Cajun Cafe. The women behind the counter were very nice and were inviting everyone to sample their foods. Will and I had a few samples to try and ended up ordering our lunch from Beck's Cajun Cafe too.

Blackened Chicken Alfredo
I had the Blackened Chicken Alfredo. It was creamy and tasted like your usual pasta with Alfredo sauce. Half way through the Alfredo, I realized it was getting spicier. I couldn't handle the spice.

Cajun Meatloaf Platter
Will tried the sample of Jambalaya and liked it so he ordered the Cajun Meatloaf Platter with Jambalaya and Corn bread. I was able to try a little bit of everything. The Jambalaya was quite spicy, I couldn't handle it. The meatloaf was moist and tasty. I really liked the corn bread because it was moist and not too sweet.

Unfortunately I didn't feel too well throughout the day after having the food. I'm sure the other foods here are very good, but maybe Cajun food isn't quite for me.

After Reading Terminal Market, we were going to play miniature golf, but only played 2 holes and left the golf course. I'll let you in on a little secret about our trip to Philly - it was HOT! We were suffering because of the heatwave. My face was almost as red as a tomato and we couldn't withstand the heat so we ended up walking around Walmart to pick up water and drinks to keep ourselves hydrated and enjoy the AC.

The evening was approaching and we were super hungry. Our initial plan was to go for Philly Cheesesteak, but since I wasn't feeling 100% great and it was so freakin' hot - we didn't want to sit and eat outside in the heat. We ended up going to Penrose Diner instead.

Penrose  looked almost identical to your typical diner with comfors was verytable booth seats. However, there was just something about this diner that sets itself apart from many of the diners I’ve been to. Our waitress nice.So glad we came here on an extremely scorching hot day cause the AC was nice and cool, maybe a little too cool. 


Bread Basket
Shrimp Bisque Soup & Chicken Bowtie Soup
Because it was so cold at the diner, we both got soups. I ordered the Shrimp Bisque soup. It was creamy and had baby shrimp in it (not the best kind of shrimp). The soup had a little too much salt in it. 

Will had the Chicken Bowtie Soup which I absolutely loved.Chicken Bowtie soup which looked really healthy and hearty.  I really enjoyed his soup because it was just the right amount of salt and flavor. The chunks of chicken was tender and it was just a really good and hearty soup.

Lobster Ravioli
Will ordered the lobster ravioli dinner special. It came with a soup, the entree, a drink, and dessert. His Lobster Ravioli looked amazing and it came with a slice of garlic bread so he can drench the bread in the warm, red, and creamy lobster sauce. Unfortunately I forgot how much it cost.

He gave me three pieces of the lobster ravioli and I absolutely loved it. The ravioli was cooked perfectly and just amazing. I've never had lobster ravioli before and I’m glad I got to sample a bit of it. My boyfriend made an excellent decision in ordering his dinner that night.

Chicken Francese
So I ordered the Chicken Francese ($14.99). The Chicken Francese was scrumptious! The chicken was moist, tender, and just absolutely delectable. There was only two pieces which was just enough. The rice was moist and I love how it was drenched with the lemon and butter sauce because it gave the rice extra flavor and gave it a buttery taste. 

After dinner - we just went back to our hotel room, showered, and watched movies. It was a long hot day. Glad we survived our first day of the heatwave. 


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