Hong Kong Style Dinner at HK Tea & Sushi

HK Tea & Sushi
2033 86th Street Brooklyn, NY 11214

It was a late Saturday evening after a Brooklyn Cyclones game that Will, my friends, and I were trying to find something to fill our tummies up. Most restaurants were already closed and our friends didn't want diner food, so I did a Yelp search and found that HK Tea & Sushi doesn't close until 11:30PM. Perfect.

HK Tea & Sushi was affected by a fire in 2010 and was reopened about 10 months after the fire. The decor didn't look any different from before.

The food at HK Tea & Sushi is Hong Kong Style with a side of Japanese cuisine as well. It was the four of us eating, so we ordered four entrees.

Beef Yaki Soba

I wasn't too hungry and didn't want a big meal like Will and my friends, so I ordered the beef yakisoba. The beef was moist and tender. I wasn't too thrilled with this dish.

Minced Beef over Spaghetti
I really liked my friend's dish. She had the Minced Beef over Spaghetti. It looked amazing! I really liked the gooeyness it had and you can really taste the flavor of the beef. Truly NOM goodness!

Portuguese Seafood over Rice
Will had the Portuguese seafood over rice. His dish was truly massive! I love how there was a variety of seafood in his dish: shrimp, scallop, squid, mussels, and I believe clams. Lots of cheese smothered all over the seafood, cheese, vegetables, and rice! I loved the creaminess of this dish.

Our other friend had an eggplant with fish fillet over rice. Nothing too special.

I felt a little sick so I asked for a ginger ale. It took more than 5-10 minutes for the waiter to bring me my ginger ale. I'm not sure why it even took so long.

All in all, the food was good and reasonably priced, but I think the service could be a little bit better. I wouldn't come here a lot because of the not-so-great service and plus, there are better Hong Kong Style Restaurants in the neighborhood.


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