Cheap Eats: Delectable Dumplings from Golden Bun Bakery

Golden Bun Bakery
2180 86th Street Brooklyn, NY 11214

So, here's a little fun food fact about me: I seriously love dumplings, but of course not all dumplings.

So, my sister recommended that I should try the fried pork dumplings from Golden Bun Bakery and I've heard good things about the dumplings, so based on her description of it I knew right away I had to try them out.

The bakery is situated on a high pedestrian and traffic corner. In addition it is right off of the Bay Parkway train station on the D Line. The  have an assortment of buns, baked goods, dim sum, and quick fixes for lunch/snacks which makes it very convenient to pick up.

Fried Pork Dumplings
The fried pork dumplings were for 5 for $1.75 which is a reasonable price. It seems that they only have one type of dumpling.

The dumplings were delicious. A little crispy crust on the bottom of the dumpling. The dumpling wrapper wasn't thick at all which I liked. I feel when you bite into dumpling wrappers that are thick, you don't get to taste much of the fillings on the inside.

The filling inside was seasoned perfectly. It consisted of ground pork, jicama, and chives I liked that they added the jicama to the dumplings cause it give is a nice crunch to it.

I really liked the fact that this bakery is so close to my house and the train station. I have brought Will here to buy buns, but never dumplings. He needs to try these dumplings soon.


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