Bonding with Our Friends at Tengu Sushi & Noodle House

Tengu Sushi & Noodle House
5920 Fort Hamilton Parkway Brooklyn, NY 11219

Earlier this month, Will and I had dinner with two of our good friends Suzanne and Mimi at Tengu Sushi & Noodle House. They've never tried this restaurant before and being that Suzanne and Mimi love Japanese food - it seemed like the perfect restaurant to meet up.

We came on a Wednesday night, just before July 4th and it actually wasn't crowded at all. We got seated at one of their booths which is very spacious. The restaurant didn't have much decor. Comfortable seats. Service and food was up-to-par.

I was actually impressed with the food we ordered. We decided to do family style for our dinner.

Crab Apple Salad
I ordered a crab apple salad ($5.00) to share with Will and our friends. Will didn't eat the salad, but our friends did and they loved it.

It's similar to a Kani Salad except there are julienne apple and mixed in with kani, cucumber, caviar, and mayo. The salad was refreshing and had a nice creaminess to it. The julienne apple adds a crunchiness to the salad and sweetness!

Curry Puff
Another appetizer we got was the curry puff pastry ($4.50) which was with vegetables and potatoes. These were adorable, tiny and packed with some spiciness to it. It tasted good, but I couldn't handle the intensity of the spiciness.

Grilled Ika
I wanted to try the Grilled Ika which is Grilled Squid with light butter eel sauce. It was tasty and had a pinch of sweet taste to it. I really liked this dish and the texture of the grilled squid was just right.

Boston and Sweet Potato Roll
Both rolls were tasty!

Volcano Roll
 Will ordered the Volcano Roll and it sure looked amazing. It contained fried white fish with  caviar and scallions. It's topped off with a seared spicy tuna on top. This roll was good, but couldn't really enjoy the entire roll because of it's spiciness.

White Ninja Roll
The White Ninja Roll was ordered by our friends. It contained: spicy white tuna, shrimp, mango and cucumber wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper with Mango miso sauce. I didn't try this roll since I am allergic to mango and it was spicy.

We also ordered the Sashimi. I don't really eat raw fish so I can't comment on how this dish was or the quality.

We also ordered the braised pork tonkotsu ramen, but I totally forgot to take a photo of it.

Overall, we were really impressed with the quality of the food and the service was good as well too. We will definitely be back.


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