Weekend Brunch at Teresa's

80 Montague St, Brooklyn, NY 11201

After a long work-out at the gym, Will and I decided to have late brunch. I've heard about Teresa's Restaurant before, so we decided to give it a shot. 

As we made our way inside the restaurant to be seated, there was no hostess to seat us so instead we had to find her and when we did, she told us we can sit anywhere we'd like. We placed our orders and within minutes our food arrived.
Iced Cappuccino
Will had the Iced Cappuccino which looked great, but apparently looks were deceiving because he claimed that the Ice Cappuccino tasted watered down.

Iced Coffee
I decided to go for something simple: Iced Coffee. I felt the Iced Coffee tasted watered down too. No wonder, it didn't taste great to me.
Orange Ricotta Pancakes
Yelp reviewers said the Orange Ricotta Pancakes were good so Will ordered this. The pancakes didn't look too appealing but we did eat it. It came with just syrup butter. Will gave me a slice of pancake and it smelled amazing and the orange scent lingering in the air was refreshing. I liked the texture of the pancakes because they were soft and fluffy.

Will and my dish came with homefries. We thought the size for our homefries was quite small for two people.  The size of the home fries appeared as if it was meant for one person. They tasted good, but not great and while we were trying to finish up our homefries, it became just plain salty - total overkill. I was so thirsty after we left the restaurant.

Eggs Benedict
I've been craving for Eggs Benedict for the longest time and was really excited to try it. Sad to say the Eggs Benedict wasn't quite up to par.

I've had Eggs Benedict before and the yolk is usually runny, but it wasn't that runny  I was a little unhappy with, but I still ate it.

The Hollandaise sauce was a little bland, but as for everything else - it was okay.

Honestly, I am not sure if I would want to return to Teresa's because the food to me was mediocre. There wasn't enough convincing about Teresa's. The service could be a little better.


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