Food Event: Japanese Gourmet Fair

595 River Road, Edgewater, NJ 07020

Yesterday, some friends, Will, and I drove to Mitsuwa in Edgewater, New Jersey as early as 9:30AM as we were afraid if we drove any later, we would not make it for what's left on the last day of the Japanese Gourmet Fair. Luckily we were first on the ramen line and there was plenty of tables free to choose from.

A friend of ours and I decided to walk around the different booths to see what was cooking. We came across the booth that sold the Inari (tofu skin) with crab & lotus root. It was so hard to resist, so we picked it up.

Inari with crab and lotus root $11.90
This was quite expensive, almost $12.00 for 4 pieces. We each had one piece of it. I liked it a lot. The Inari was slightly sweeten, the rice was moist, the crab meat/snow crab meat was light, moist, and well-seasoned. This was a nice and light snack.

Kesunnuma Ramen , $11.90
This was the only *special ramen* that was served at this event which was a bit of a bummer. There were two versions of this ramen - for the hard-boiled egg, the bowl of ramen is $11.90 and for a bowl without a hard-boiled egg, it costs $10.90. I can't believe there was a $1.00 difference because of an egg.

So we spent almost $12.00 on our bowl of ramen. The Kesunnuma Ramen had the usual ramen ingredients; bamboo shoots, crab meat, pork, seaweed, scallions, and a hard-boiled egg. I liked the broth. It was nice and light.

I really liked the noodles especially because they were springy and wavy and reminded me a lot of this brand of ramen I used to eat as a child. I was hoping that this particular ramen had more specialness to it, but guess not. Although the ramen was good, we felt the price was a little too much.

Salmon Rice Bowl
This was one of the special items that was featured as a "must-order" for this Gourmet fair. According to our friend, the booth was only limited to sell 100 bowls a day. I'm not a huge sashimi fan, so I didn't have the salmon rice bowl.
Just a little fact for you to learn about me: I am a HUGE fan of takoyaki. Without any hesitation, I ordered two boxes of takoyaki for us and our friends. The takoyaki was creamy and smooth as it should be, but for some reason I wasn't too thrilled with it after eating a few of the balls. It felt as if there was an ingredient missing, but can't quite put my finger on it.

Rolled Dorayaki
Our friend Robert bought this for us to share. I was going to purchase this too, but he beat me to it. It came in four flavors - red beans, custard cream, sesame cream, and matcha cream. I didn't try the sesame cream nor the custard cream. I really liked the matcha cream dorayaki. The dorayaki was soft and fluffy and the matcha cream was rich and creamy.

Matcha Ice Cream with white rice balls, red beans, and wafer

There was a small booth that sold exclusively matcha desserts. Two of the desserts that looked really good were sold out already, so Will and I ordered the #1 which was matcha ice cream with white rice balls, red beans, and wafer. Oh my goodness! This was literally one of the best ice creams I've ever had. It was light, a little bitter, but rich and creamy. The white rice balls were sweet, tasted like tong yuan.

Overall, I felt the food at this event wasn't the best especially since the ramen wasn't too special this time. I felt the only item that really stood out to me was the Inari with crab meat & lotus (expensive stuff) and the matcha ice cream.

If you're interested in attending or checking out another one of Mitsuwa's events, they are having one next month --


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