The Best Things We've Ate in 2017

Happy New Year everyone! Hope your 2018 is off to a better start then mine is.

I've been sick over the weekend and started to feel slightly better today. It hasn't been a great month as I've been sick on and off.

2017 was a great year! I got to try different cuisines, foods and etc. I would like to share with you our yearly roundup of the best things we've ate and tried this year and where you can find it.

17. I had this dessert during our Disney trip last Spring at: Les Chef De Frances. It's an assortment of fresh sorbets: passion fruit, raspberry and coconut. The raspberry one was a little tart, but the other two sorbets were delicious! I really enjoyed the colors, vibrancy and marriage of different flavors in this dessert.

16. I had my birthday dinner last year at Aunt Jake's and one of the appetizers we tried were the calamari with sweet roasted pepper sauce. I've tried a lot of calamari before, but there was something different about this one. It was …

Two Hands Restaurant

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've last written here. I started working full-time for a month now and it's been super busy, fun and tiring all at the same time. So far everything is going swell.

I have a 3.5 day weekend this weekend since I got off early on Friday at 2PM and tomorrow I am off, finally can take advantage of the free time with blogging and writing my Yelp reviews! So we're back tracking to food places I've tried Mid-April and through the summer.

So,  I've been to Two Hands Cafe on Mott Street last year and I finally was able to try Two Hands Restaurant & Bar this April with a friend. We've both been wanting to check this place out. 

We came on a Friday afternoon and boy was it crowded! We ended up sitting at the bar which was fine since it was just the two of us. This location is slightly bigger than the Mott Street location, but I think the Mott Street location has nicer decor and it feels more comfortable. We both ordered a drink a…

Look By Plant Love House

Will and I bought souvenirs for our friends Sam and Alex and wanted to have a meet up/lunch with them to give them their gifts as well as give them the good news in person. They were ecstatic when they heard the news. 
Sam and Alex went to Thailand last year and they had authentic Thai food. A friend of theirs mentioned Look By Plant Love House which had authentic, homey Thai food so they wanted to try it out with us.

Look By Plant Love House is an interesting addition to the neighborhood and a cute spot! There's a bar seating at the front of the restaurant and a narrow hallway past the kitchen that leads to small, but cozy seating in the back and then an outdoor space when the weather is nice like now. Our waiter was extremely friendly and helpful in explaining menu items to us. We ordered a variety of dishes and desserts:

Will and I got the Thai Ice Tea and this is something you can't NOT have since this is a Thai restaurant. I liked the Thai Ice Tea a lot, tasted fresh and…

Orlando Trip - Portobello

Hi everyone! I'm back in action, this past month or so have been busy. I went away with Will and his family to Toronto for a few days during July 4th weekend, we been on a house hunting trail, and I've been job hunting and been running all around interviewing. I've accumulated a few rejections and waiting to hear back on a few companies. Tomorrow, Thursday and Friday I've got a few and hopefully it'll go well.

I'm taking a break from the job hunting right now and moving along to catching up with my food blog, so we're going to backtrack to my Orlando trip. Will and I ate at Portobello (an Italian restaurant) that was located inside Disney Springs (Downtown Disney). My heart is heavy since I found out they've closed since we ate there for dinner just after a few hours of being engaged.
We arrived to Portobello around 6-6:30PM and was happy to see that the restaurant had a lot of seats available. We sat down and looked at the menu and everything sounded a…

Orlando Trip - Cinderella's Royal Table

I've always wanted to see the Cinderella's Castle in real life, but never did I think I could eat inside of it. I heard that to eat inside you have to make a reservation three months prior to your visit.

Will had told me he made reservations for the third day (Sunday, April 2nd) at Cinderella's Royal Table where we could have lunch there. I was excited at the same time because I absolutely love Disney princesses (well most of them), please read on my blog for the complete review of my day.

There was a lot of people lining up for lunch at the castle. I read reviews on Yelp about the experience and how four princesses would come out to greet all the guests, take a picture, and sign an autograph. The restaurant/castle was humongous and big. Our waitress gave me a magic wand and referred the women as "princess" and gave a sword to Will and refer the men as "lord".

We had a Prix-Fixe menu which included the Chef's Tasting Table (a platter of cured meats,…

Orlando Trip - Krusty Burger

During our first trip in Orlando and first visit to Universal Studios, we didn't have the opportunity to eat at Krusty Burger. Prior to the trip, I told Will we have to try Krusty Burger and so we did.

Krusty Burger, Moe's Tavern, Cletus' Chicken Shack, and a few other dining options were located under the same roof, but there's one line to line up for the dining options and once you've reached the front of that line, you can proceed to whichever place you want to and line up in their own separate line. The dining area is humongous and there are staff members that will ask how many people are in your party and will find the next available seat for you, how hospitable! I like that they play different clips from The Simpsons, it brings back childhood memories.

Will and I both got the Krusty Burger with Kurly fries ($10.99).The Krusty Burger is made up of 1/3 lb. burger with a secret sauce (tasted like a thousand island dressing), cheddar cheese sauce, tomato slice, i…

Orlando Trip - Les Chefs de Frances

I mentioned in my blog that Will and I went to Orlando from March 31st - April 3rd. We had visited Epcot on our first day and passed by a restaurant in the France area by the name of Les Chefs de Frances. They did not accept walk-ins so we made a reservation. We came back a little earlier after walking through the different countries, so the hostess was able to sit us down earlier.

The restaurant was classy and had nice relaxing vibe to it. It was an enormous restaurant with a lot of windows to allow natural lighting to lit up most of the dining area. The staff here was exceptional and respectful. Will and I went with the prix-fixe menu for $39.99 per person.

We started off with glasses of iced tea to cool us down since it was hot. Iced tea was unsweetened, but they had sugar and sweetener on the side for us.
Our waitress also presented their butter and fresh baked bread to us which was placed in a white paper bag. The bread was delicious, warm, and had a nice crunch and fluffiness to…