Sunday, September 14, 2014

On the Bay Seafood in Ocean City

On the Bay Seafood
4204 Coastal Highway Ocean City, MD 21842

So it's been a while since I last updated on the food blog. The reason is because I've just been busy and it will be busy until mid-December and you can read about why I've been so busy by reading my blog  post on Big City Little Blogger.

During Labor Day Weekend - Will, our friends, and I went down to Ocean City, Maryland for a getaway and to enjoy a relaxing time at the beach and etc. It was a great trip and we sure had a lot of seafood as you will see in future posts. The first food spot we stopped by was On the Bay Seafood.

There's an entrance to where we can place our orders and see the kitchen too. It sure smelled a lot like seafood. I placed orders for me and Will. The cashier lady gave a table number to our group and we sat and waited for the food. I love the outdoor, sand, beach-like scene and ambiance at On the Bay Seafood. It was really relaxing. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer Food Porn

So instead of reviewing a restaurant or food place I've decided to post up some food that I've ate this Summer so far. Enjoy and feel free to ask me about any of the food you see.

Grilled Chicken Casear Salad
Grilled Beef over Rice Vermicelli
Potato Waffle Benedict
Roasted Chicken & Brisket
Fries & Chili
Watermelon Ice with Grass Jelly

Cous Cous, Shitake Mushrooms & Carrots, and Roasted Cauliflower
Pan-Fried Seafood Instant Noodle

Mom's Signature Pan-Fried Salmon
Grass Jelly with Mixed Fruits

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Date Night at Pho Grand

Pho Grand
277 Grand Street New York, NY 10002

Will and I have been to many Vietnamese restaurants that we know exactly where's a good and a bad spot, but a friend recently recommended me to try a Vietnamese restaurant just a block from the Grand Street train station. My friend also told me the Pho here is bomb, so I told Will and we gave this restaurant a shot.

Will and I came on a Friday night and it was busy, but not crazy. I was amazed by how big Pho Grand was because most Vietnamese restaurants we've been to are small or mid-sized. There's additional seating in the back too.
Pho Xe Lua
Will ordered his usual - Pho Xe Lua  and man, oh man... it smelled insanely delicious! I couldn't resist, had to take a sip of that broth and gosh, it was amazing and just delightful. I can't quite put it into words so you'll just have to try it for yourself.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Enjoying and Indulging on Savory Peruvian Food

Pio Pio
282 Kings Highway Brooklyn, NY 11223

Will and I went on a double date with our friends Samantha and Alex recently and decided to go to a new and local restaurant Pio Pio, located in Gravesend, Brooklyn. There's a couple of locations in the city and Queens.

I really liked the decor of the restaurant because it was very simple and chic. The atmosphere is relaxing, chill, and mellow.

Sangria - Roja
We ordered a pitcher of Sangria - Roja (Rose). This was my second time trying Sangria and it was definitely different from the first time I had it because the first time I had it was homemade - less alcohol. I really liked the Sangria we had. It complemented the food very well and was refreshing.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Revisting A Wah Restaurant II

A-Wah Restuarant II
48B Bowery Street New York, NY 10013

Last Sunday night, Will, my best friend and I were pondering about what we should eat for dinner. It took us a while to figure it out, but Christina wanted clay pot rice so we knew just the place to take her to. We took her to A Wah Restaurant II in Chinatown.
House Special Clay Pot Rice
My best friend ordered the House Special Clay Pot Rice with a fried egg on top. It sure did look amazing and tasty. Will and I have had this before and really enjoyed it!

Friday, August 8, 2014

A Little Bit of Sweetness at Mo Gelato

Mo Gelato
178 Mulberry Street New York, NY 10012

After reading an intriguing post on Serious Eats about the best ice cream, gelato, and soft serve in New York City, it got me seriously craving for ice cream and gelato. It also made me want to try out a few of the spots that were mentioned in the post.

So after having dinner with my cousin, we decided to go for dessert and I took her to Mo Gelato which was near Cocoron (where we had dinner).Mo Gelato had very simple decor, nothing too sophisticated. There's only two benches outside of the shop. There's an array of gelatos to choose from, but the flavors didn't quite appeal to me because most of it was coffee or chocolate based.

Caffe Gelato
Any way, my cousin had tiramisu on a sugar cone and I had the Caffe gelato with toasted Italian coffee. The Caffe gelato was smooth and tasted like coffee. It was a little too sweet in my opinion. There were bits of chocolate in the gelato as well.

I have mixed feelings about Mo Gelato. It's a cute and simple dessert shop, but the flavors aren't that special in my opinion. None of the flavors really appealed to me. Maybe, I'll give Mo Gelato another shot if I am in the Little Italy neighborhood again.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cocoron - Little Italy

37 Kenmare Street New York, NY 10012

Will and our friends tried the original Cocoron on Delancey Street in June and quite frankly, it was packed and the space was small.

Cocoron opened it's second location not too far from it's original location and I was hoping it would be different and it was. I met up with my cousin Jennifer for girl's night out and dinner at Cocoron since she's never had soba outside of home.

We came on a Tuesday night around 6:45PM-7PM and were seated right away. The decor and ambiance was very different from the one on Delancey Street. It was very modern in terms of decor and in terms of ambiance - relaxing  and chill.

I wanted to try the pork and okra croquettes but it was labeled on the menu as "temporarily unavailable". After looking at the menu, my cousin and I placed our orders.

Cold Natto Soba
Jennifer doesn't eat meat so many of the soba items on the menu weren't suitable for her. She ordered the Cold Natto Soba and neither of us knew what she was getting herself into.